Mark Walsh [4mtr]

Mark Walsh [4mtr]

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is creative professional specialising in Architectural Photography and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

In my commercial work my main aim is to render the Architects or Interior Designers ideas faithfully into a thin slice of time while still preserving that spontaneous sense of wonder in the viewer.

“When I see or enter a building I’m immediately drawn to the play of light and the harmony of materials & geometry. But what most interests me is the overall ‘feeling’ that a building or internal space can evoke in a visitor.”

“Architecture in general but interiors in particular have the ability to effect people subconsciously. A person’s response to walking into a space can be immediate and subtle. It’s an intimate but public reaction, a dialogue between two strangers. I think it’s the job of a well made photograph to be faithful to this interplay.”

“Where possible I always try to bring warmth & authenticity a photograph, avoiding the cold and clinical imagery so often seen in Architectural Photography. To preserve the feel of the scene I prefer to use natural light whenever possible and capture in camera as much as I can. I also like to have people included in an image to give the space a true sense of a living/working environment.”

Personal Projects

Lunette [in development]
Interpreting ancient weather events in the Wimmera district

Slam [in development]
The collision of industry and native grassland

Coax [in development]
Dreamscapes with digital compositing


Secure tablet enclosures in-situ
Commercial building directories for Sprocket Pty Ltd