Selling a Car

I got a call asking if i would like to catch up for dinner. Indian he said, i like Indian food i thought, why I'd love to. Then he said "oh, can you bring your camera?" Whys that, I ask. well, my accountant tells me that i need to sell my car before it depreciates too much. Would you mind take a few snaps for me? You've got a nice camera. 

Right,.. it was all an elaborate scheme to get me to drag out my gear so he had some images to whack onto a auction site. What could i do...make it a challenge of course! Brought the flash gear and tripod and did it proper. This is the result. After this we did go to dinner, he paid. 

d880e with the 14-24 f2.8 nikkor, godox a200 flashes with diffusers

d880e with the 14-24 f2.8 nikkor, godox a200 flashes with diffusers

Close the Loop

Close the Loop is Australia's largest recycling and resource recovery company for inkjet or laser printer cartridges and toner bottles from printers, photocopiers or fax machines.

I was approached to shoot portraits of the Company board and senior management, the call centre staff and the factory floor. Taken on two different dates these shots were intended for company publicity in Australia and the US.

The portraits were taken with the the Tamrom 70-200 f2, Sigma 50 f1.4 and the nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 was used for the factory exteriors and office interiors.    

The lighting for the portraits used a godox A200 on umbrella with scrim bounce to the right. 


Dior hat

Dior hat

Cristian Dior Exhibition. National Gallery of Victoria.

The House of Dior: 70 Years of Haute Couture, at the national gallery of victoria, celebrates seven decades of the most enduring name in post-World War II fashion.
Among the more than 140 items on display are iconic designs from Dior's New Look of 1947, and by subsequent creative directors: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano and Raf Simons. As impressive as YSL and Galliano were, i have to say the that it was Simons work that i liked the most.

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Looking up in Sydney

Two day in Sydney last week shooting locations for Sprocket. A mixture of building directories and tablet enclosures. In all i had to go to 11 different locations on the south side of the bay. Each presented the usual mix of challenges: high reflections, dirty lighting and tight schedules, thank god for Uber. These days i make a point off looking up from my shoe laces to see how buildings catch the light and flow from one style to the next. I noticed the mixture of Edwardian, Victorian, Federation, mid century and modern styles in the business and legal districts around Pitt and Castlereagh streets. Sydney has a hum and power about it in these places of power and money, much more so than Melbourne. I need to schedule another trip there to grab some more of these monsters.