Flat portraits

While I'm doing mostly exteriors and interiors these days i still love portraiture and product photography. This group of images is a small selection of recent portraits taken in the line of work or at the request of the sitter, ie..they asked me to take their picture. 

I have grouped them together here because they all share certain technical features that generally illustrate the way i like to shoot portraits:  I usually offset in the frame, crop close and use flat controlled lighting.  Also, i mostly shoot male subjects in black and white. Why?  Well, i find black and white is generally better suited to portraiture. There is something special about the black and white portrait. It somehow feels more impactfull and honest. Also, It accentuates the character lines of the face and gives hair and eyes intensity, especially in men. Black and white also gives you the most latitude in post. I can manipulate the different colours and hues in the raw file without resorting to complex selections to protect the skin tones.

Finally, i personally don't like dramatic lighting. I feel its the photographers duty not to cheapen the accord between the subject and the artist with cheap tricks of light. I don't think you should get between the honesty of that moment. The capturing of an expression that can say so much about a person, and it’s far too subtle and profound to depreciate with clumsy back and side lighting. But that’s just me.