I travelled to Morocco to see a close friend and take pictures. A holiday i guess, but given how hard I'd been working it was therapy really. I packed the full frame, a 20mm, a 50mm and the legendary nikkor 85mm f1.4 ais.

After a short stay in London i landed in Marrakesh and got straight on a bus to Fez. I didn't even shoot the Marrakesh airport, which is a crime as the light falls so beautifully through the stone lattice work.  Fez is a fully functioning medieval city, at least the old town is. You can easily get lost in the spiders web of alleys without a guide. Radio dishes sprout like flowers from the decaying rooftops pointing to geo-stationary satellites. I was quite surprised by the number of cool & groovy expats who have made a life there: Brits, Italians and French..the list goes on.

Several bus rides and cities later we happened on the hotel Verdouse, near Kenitra. This place was time locked from the 70's. The architecture, all furnishings, decor and unbelieveably, some staff have remained unchanged for 35 years. There were waiters there that joined the hotel as small boys.   

Finally i spent a very comfortable few days in the sea side town of Essaouira. Something of a magnet for free spirits and artists this seaside town has golden sunsets and a very relaxed feel. Overall it was a wonderful adventure. The light in north africa is warm and defuse, shadows are not too harsh and the sunsets spectacular.