Shooting In Fremantle at night

I was recently commissioned to shoot hotel interiors in Perth, Western Australia. I’d never been to the west before and was excited to see what that part of Australia was like. During the shoot we stayed at a groovy Air B&B in Fremantle, 30 minutes from the Perth CBD.

I was completely captivated by the old port district in Fremantle.

Its history goes way back to the the 1830s when it was established as a free settlement. Later it was forced to accept convicts, just like the eastern cities. By the 1870’s its population had swelled to over 22,000 people. But It’s always been a maritime town being the major hub of materials and trade in the west. The economy of the colony (now officially part of Western Australia) was based on wheat, meat and wool. In its hayday during the gold rush of the 1890’s many impressive building were laid down.    

In the 20th century It continued to grow and established itself as a major maritime city capitalising on its location on the western side of the continent. But the victorian era buildings remained.

They were mild nights so when I was there i took the opportunity to walk about at night mid week, when nobody was around. The street lighting cast these grand historic building in such a dignified presence. Shooting at night you feel like a thief. You creep about in the stillness, jumping at shadows mindful of how you must look.  Amazingly there were relatively few parked cars to ruin the the view of this grand old ladies.

I shot all of these over 2 nights with the nikon D850 using the spectacular 19mm shift lens.